Blood Spillz Pro


When you truly want realistic wet looking blood that stays put

Designer Gore’s Blood Spillz Pro liquid is quite frankly the best permanent blood on the market.  This  two part polyurethane  system is easy to mix and apply. Unlike other 1 part knock offs, Blood Spillz Pro will not break down with water. It is great for outdoor themed environments and indoor sets pieces with moisture in the atmosphere . Permanent means just that. Fast 4 minute work time means you can splatter down and move on without the fuss. Cures to the touch in 45 minutes.

 Tip: Use a paper towel with window cleaner to shine the surface and remove any dust.

1/2 Gallon Kit ( 32oz part A & 32oz part B) : 68.00

1 Gallon Kit ( 64oz part A & 64oz part B) : 120.00

 5 Gallon Kit ( 2.5 gal part A & 2.5 gal part b) : 500.00


This is a 1:1 mix by volume.    Pour equal amounts of A and B in to separate plastic cups so you know everything is measured right.  Then pour both cups into a larger cup or container and stir very well for 30-40 seconds. You have a 4 minute work time at room temperature to pour and splatter your mix. It cures in 40 minutes.
Remember this is a polyurethane resin. It will cause heat and that is part of how it cures. So try not to leave a lot of mixed material sitting long in a cup.  If you are making removable puddles that you can put anywhere after they have cured. Acrylic, Marlite and flat linoleum work well. Just wait an extra couple hours before slowly peeling it off.
This product will not come off fabric.  You can use a urethane release agent/spray  like Universal Mold Release from Smooth-On to ensure a even lift.
Try a very small test batch first. Also if you have a large area to cover, it is best to mix in small batches. Of course if you need a large pool or puddle pouring it in one pour will give the best look