Ultimate FX Series

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Designer Gore’s Ultimate FX Tray line has a growing range of injury and character prosthetics that can be achieved. Each tray is made of durable styrene plastic.  Our vacuum formed trays were created to make sure that the negative side captures the highest degree of detail possible, insuring that your pieces look good.  Cast up your appliances in latex, silicone or  you can even make pros-aide transfers.  Watch our video tutorial to find out how easy it can be.  Currently we have  three different mold trays are available.

Ultimate FX Tray #1

This tray holds 16 different designs

Large Slender Cut / Medium Cut / Mini Cut
Big Gash / Medium Gnarly Gash / Wide Short Gash
Entry Wound / Exit Wound
Exposed Injury
3 shaped bumps: wart, cyst & boil
3 scar set

 $19.98 + S&H

Ultimate FX Tray #2


 14 different designs

Swollen Flesh – 3 Set
Neck Slit / Large Laceration
Crescent Moon Gash & X shaped Gash
Stab Wound – 3 Set
Vampire Bite / Puncture Mark
Ripped Skin – 2 set
Pimples – 3 Set

 $19.98 + S&H

Ultimate FX Tray #3


This tray holds 13 different designs

Bite Mark
3 Scratches
4 set Rot , style A
4 set Rotting Flesh- style B
3 set Rot – Style C

This is a must have for anything zombie related!!!

 $19.98 + S&H