Here at Designer Gore you’ll find quality FX products to give you a creative edge in making the macabre!



Designer Gore started developing special make-up effects products back in 2005. Initially focusing on Halloween retail until finding our niche within the growing haunt & attraction industry.  Our goal was to bring together quality and affordability.  We now sell world wide.


Ultimate FX Trays

Make a wide variety prosthetic injuries with our most popular mold trays.    9 x 7 inches in size,             durable plastic

Perfect for your kit

Blood Spillz Pro


Designer Gore’s Blood Spillz Pro liquid is quite frankly the most realistic looking permanent blood on the market.

Wet looking but not!

The FX180


Our oven reflects a standard in excellence, fitting for those who value high quality and reliability.

Very Energy Efficient!

The FX45

fx45.thumbThe ultimate component for making your own oven box with ease and without hassle.

Comes with great features!


As a seasonal based company we are generally open to the public from August 1st-November 5th.   Professionals wanting product can contact us through out the year.



Designer Gore promotes learning and the exchange of ideas to inspire creativity.

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